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NV Dominican Salon was established in 1989 by its founder Nimia Humphries in New York.

Nimia moved to North Carolina and brought with her, all her incredible passion and experience. She studied at the LIBS Institute (Learning Institute for Beauty Sciences) at New York, with great effort, dedication and passion for her work, she has developed a professional career as a stylist, with more than 30 years of experience in haircuts, hairstyles, colors, extensions is a specialist in hair care and makeover. She knows that each type of hair is different and has special care, her extensive experience guarantees that you are in the right hands. She is grateful and blessed for all the trust and loyalty of her amazing customers.

NV Dominican Salon fue establecido en 1989 por su fundadora Nimia Humphries en Nueva York.

Nimia se mudó a Carolina del Norte y trajo consigo toda su increíble pasión y experiencia. Estudió en el Instituto LIBS (Instituto de Aprendizaje de Ciencias de la Belleza) en Nueva York, con gran esfuerzo, dedicación y pasión por su trabajo, ha desarrollado una carrera profesional como estilista, con más de 30 años de experiencia en cortes de cabello, peinados, Colores, extensiones es especialista en cuidado del cabello y cambio de imagen. Ella sabe que cada tipo de cabello es diferente y tiene un cuidado especial, su amplia experiencia garantiza que usted está en las manos correctas. Ella está agradecida y bendecida por toda la confianza y lealtad de sus increíbles clientes.

Our Mission & Vision

All our professional services for women, men and children are different, each of them has a special process, we are trained to handle any situation or beauty services. Our main mission is that each of our clients exceed their expectations in changing their image and enhance their beauty, maintaining their external image always shining. Training us with modern products from the world of beauty and applying them to new trends. It is our satisfaction to see the huge change and the happy face of our customers, we have a very broad vision in keeping beautiful all our Garner customers and their surrounding area. Our great quality and experience sets us differentiate from the rest. We are always grateful for your preference and reference.



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Changing their style or innovating in their appearance not only makes us look physically amazing but also makes us feel good. A positive change is always good and important.

It is a pleasure to serve our clients in the positive change for their image, for that reason we always recommend the best products, styles and tips to change their appearance.

With our big experience and high quality products we make the amazing change possible, with a pleasant and friendly environment you will be charged with energy.

Whether it is any service that you have chosen we are always ready and available to serve you and make your desire to change your image a reality, our priority is your satisfaction and a blessing to choose us.

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